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LIFETIMĖ is Your personal assistant for all business matters in Europe
Accounting and financial services
We provide Accounting and financial services
Legal services
We provide Legal services
Consulting services with banking institutions
We provide Consulting services with banking institutions
Real estate
We provide Real estate
Virtual office and administrator-secretary
We provide Virtual office and administrator-secretary
Client’s feedback
We co-operate with “Lifetimė” for over 5 years, starting from the moment of registration of our company and are provided with various services, including accounting services. High level of the provided services, the skilled professionals that always maintain contacts with a client and never neglect any request are the factors distinguishing “Lifetimė” among other companies involved in similar activities. In addition, it is very convenient when all the needed business services are concentrated “in the same place” – it enables to save time considerably. We recommend “Lifetimė” both for start-up companies and already acting companies.
UAB Spektrius
We know “Lifetimė” for over 4 years and we never disappointed in our long-time co-operation with it! The said company helps us from the very beginning of our business and successfully tackles any and all arising problems! It is particularly pleasant that our relations are based on confidence and high professional performance! It is accurate, high quality and rapid! We recommend you “Lifetimė”!
UAB Royal and Education
Many thanks to “Lifetimė”: it helped us to establish our company, familiarized with the local “rules” of business management and provides assistance to us up to present time, although we are out of the territory of Lithuania. “Lifetimė” helps us to save time and money – this assistance is particularly important in the initial phases of business development! We are glad to know that we can always rely on the professionals of the Company to whom we can apply even with most complicated problems!
UAB Lerus
We’d like thank “Lifetimė” company for the long-year high-quality partnership. Members of the staff of “Lifetimė” are highly professional, they work quickly and accurately. They apply an individual approach to each problem of a client. Consultations and documents are always provided well-timely. It is very pleasant to contact with such reliable persons. I recommend to everybody who needs such services to choose “Lifetimė”.
UAB Reneco
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