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Why does the company need a financial consultant?

In our everyday life we can often hear about such a position as a ‘Financial Consultant’ but still not everyone understands the scope of work of this specialist and how this specialist can contribute to the success of the company. Lifetimė will explain in detail the importance of the financial consultant and also will try to read more…

Outsourced Accounting Services or a full-time accountant?

It is not a secret that every company that carries out an activity must have an accountant or a financier. Today the labour market provides businessmen with an opportunity to choose: to hire a full-time employee – an accountant or a financier, or to use the services of a company that provides similar services of read more…

Features of legal entities in Lithuania

Most businessmen who want to open a business in Lithuania are faced with a choice: what kind of enterprise is better to establish? Lithuanian legislation grants non-residents the equal rights (for opening a company) as for the citizens of the European countries. In the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, several types of legal entities read more…

Lithuania is a country for business and investments

Lithuania is a favorable country for businessmen and takes 2nd place in Europe in accordance with the Investment Attractiveness Index; it also falls among 20 countries of the world by the ease of opening a business. The Lithuanian authorities are actively supporting business in the country while creating favorable conditions for attracting foreign companies and capital. read more…

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